• “Your Mentalist powers were MESMERIZING!”

    Dr. John Demartini - Human behaviorial specialist, educator & best selling author


Luke fuses art, mentalism, mind reading, hypnotic phenomenon, applied neuroscience, psychology and inspirational mind set frameworks to transform ideas into unique experiences. Taking the audience from skeptics into believers that anything is possible.

A former EmmyTM nominated television technical director turned mental performance artist and entrepreneur that is on a mission to get people to open their mind to the possibilities of the unknown.

Along with being an international performer, Luke is an accomplished artist with a degree in Fine Arts, studying art history, life drawing and photography. Luke is constantly on a search to see the world in new ways.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been or where you are in life. We are always only one thought, one insight, one magic moment away from an entirely new reality!”


Have trouble breaking the ice, don’t worry, I’ll do it for you! I will be your group’s ice breaker and casually mingle throughout the crowd, amaze them and bring up the energy level by creating a unique experience for each group.
Small, close up performances of mind reading, metal bending and close up miracles are not only extremely interactive but a great way to build rapport and lifelong connections among your guests, friends and colleagues.
Each performance is unique with different outcomes and yet, very personal to the audience at hand. A small, intimate and incredibly unique experience they will talk about for years!

I have performed these type of shows for audiences of 5 people to over 1,000. This personalized show is extremely interactive and blends drawing, mind reading, hypnotic phenomenon and audience participation in the most charming way using my five senses to make it appear as if I have a sixth sense.
As the show is highly interactive with the audience, each performance is unique with different outcomes and scenarios yet, very specific and personal to the audience at hand. An entertaining, fun and energetic performance you have never had and will never experience again!

Having a trade-show booth and stumped on how to get your booth to be THE HIT of the convention? How about someone who can do the impossible and deliver your company’s message at the same time building incredible instant rapport for your brand?
The mind blowing feats that I create with guests at your booth will not only create a buzz around the convention for you but will get them talking about your booth and brand for years to come.

What if you could teach and inspire your guests and employees to think differently? Show them that anything is possible! How useful would that be to you and your brand/company, to truly inspire them to step outside their box and comfort zone and strip away their limiting beliefs? Imagine their potential!
By combining your message with mind reading and mental phenomenon you can inspire your audience to think differently! Be inspired! Get creative and believe anything is possible!


Luke Brady performed his show at our New Year's Eve dinner party. The show was a combination of close-up magic and mentalist feats, and all of them were original, entertaining, and frankly amazing. In addition, Luke is personable and professional, and a pleasure to have as a guest. At the end of the evening, everyone was still talking about Luke's show. We highly recommend him for your next event.

K. Olson - Orange County

Luke was amazing! His close up magic and card tricks were mind-blowing. Everyone was talking about it all evening. But that's not all: Luke put on a 30 minute interactive show merging mind-reading, sensory illusions and other impossibilities that had everyone's jaws dropping. A funny and entertaining storyteller, Luke will make your event memorable and keep people staying longer than expected. He was communicative, easy to work with and willing to tailor his performance to meet our wishes. He even showed up early! In short, he WAS the party. You can't go wrong hiring Luke for your next event. He'll leave you questioning the existence of magic, matter and the mysteries of the mind...

C. Pittman - Canary Health

I’d like to thank Luke for taking our special event to the next level. Entertainment is a very important part of the event planning process, choosing Luke Brady was definitely the right decision. Our guests were blown away by Luke’s performance. A feeling of “wowness” seemed to be the common denominator among our guests by the time his performance ended. Thank you!

Flor Polanco - Event Specialist, Musical Instrument Museum, MIM

Luke is the epitome of a professional. He has volunteered his time for the Muscular Dystrophy Association on numerous occasions and has done nothing but impress and entertain our families. We at the MDA are so fortunate to have Luke attend our events to entertain our families who are living with neuromuscular diseases.
Luke knows how to interact with children and adults in the utmost professional manner. He’s also very funny, entertaining and an excellent magician and illusionist!

Maureen Salloom - Health Care Services Coordinator, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc.

Luke was the highlight of my husbands 30th birthday! Everyone was gathered around him and talking about how great his tricks were. When I saw for myself I was in awe! Bending forks and quarters, amazing card tricks and even more. Possibly my favorite bit of the evening was his voodoo and hypnosis tricks. I have no idea how he does it, but it is incredible. The perfect addition to any party. He will definitely be our go-to guy for future parties and events... Highly recommend!

Christina S. - Newport Beach

We recently booked Luke to come perform at one of our work functions and he was such a big hit that we brought him back the following week for another event.

Luke began entertaining our guests the moment he entered the door without any direction or introduction. His friendly demeanor and natural charm added a special element to our work event.

We look forward to working with Luke in the future and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to add an unique entertainer to their event!

Lori W. - Costa Mesa

Luke was amazing! We had a group of physicians who are all talking this morning about how great last night was! They can't figure how he does it, and that's making them crazy:)

Marian Coletti

I have contracted Luke to perform strolling magic at several events that I have catered. He is brilliant. Later in the evening he can hypnotize willing participates on the spot!

In addition, he is dedicated and passionate hypnotherapist. If you know anyone struggling to quit smoking, lose weight, stop a habit such as biting their fingernails, or even a person that wants to be a better golfer... have them call Luke!

Dennis F. - Cater Phoenix

I did not believe that I had been hypnotized until I saw the video that had been taken at the dinner meeting and I actually DID forget the number 3 and those other things. You are really good

Mary Ann F. Tempe, AZ

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