When was the last time you put your full-undivided attention on your best self?

You want to create a life that matters but you find yourself getting in your own way.
You want to reach your true potential but feel stuck inside your own head.
You know you’re creating problems that don’t even exist, and those problems are holding you back from creating MAGIC in your life.

I understand how stressful it can be when we create these illusions in our heads and they keep us at arm’s length from our passions, dreams and becoming our best selves.  In fact, it took me years to learn how to recognize my own negative sleight of mind and learn how to reprogram those problematic illusions.

But the truth is…
It’s NOT your fault you create and fall for the illusions in your head – the ones that hold you back in life.
We ALL create them. It’s part of the human experience.

What you need is a way to think differently than you already have.
A way to get out of your head and create a space for new ideas.

As an Attention Artist, I bring decades of experience of coaching, hypnosis and magical moments to help you pull back the curtain and see behind the illusions, problems and negative sleight of mind that have held you back until now.

My work isn’t for everyone but if you’re committed to going from stuck in your head and dis-empowered from your problematic illusions, to feeling EMPOWERED, FOCUSED and CONNECTED with your best self and your mission, then let’s start a conversation!

  • "Luke Brady has a unique ability to see the world differently. He uses this gift to create mind-bending moments that take people out of their world and into endless possibilities. Luke will expand your thinking and create true transformation for you – whether you're a private client or you're in an audience of 1,000 people."

    Rich Litvin
    Rich LitvinFounder of 4PC - A Mastermind Group of the Top 4% of Coaches


Straight off of my TedX talk in Michigan I discuss the idea of Magical Thinking. I believe ALL of our problems are illusions, constructs we have created in our minds. My keynote creates live – in the moment, mind-bending demonstrations with language, magic, mind reading and even hypnotic phenomenon, demonstrating how YOU are the best hypnotist and magician you know!
It’s transformational. It’s unique. With different outcomes every talk.
There are no set ups, no stooges or plants used in the audience.
Your thinking will never be the same.


Imagine sitting down with your executive team, organization or a small group of leaders.
To break the ice their minds are BLOWN wide open with what they thought was truly impossible moments before. From this magical space of anything is possible, we dive into what is holding people back with group coaching, hot seat coaching and connection exercises that will create bonds for a lifetime.
It’s about connecting people to a common mission.
It’s about seeing through the illusions of our limited thinking.
It’s about thinking differently and creating magic in your world.

Let’s create a custom, mind-blowing experience for you and your group!

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  • "Luke has elevated magic to a new art form. Not only does his talk entertain, it mesmerizes us and weaves us into the act. So much so, as his act comes to an enchanting close, we feel our world change for the better too. Obstacles dissolve and what was once impossible, comes tantalizingly within our reach."

    Igor Ledochowski
    Igor LedochowskiHypnosis Training Academy
  • "Luke astounded us at our event. It was like he was reading our minds. You almost start to question what you believe in when you work with Luke. It's like he gives you the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory except his world is full of magical mind bending moments. He left us bedazzled, speechless and, if I am honest, with our jaws dropped."

    Paulina Larocca
    Paulina Larocca Creative Director at Paulina Larocca Creative Catalyst
  • “Luke was a pleasure to work with. He was mindful about incorporating our event theme into his performance, but most of all, he took-in all of our feedback and made a true effort to meet all of our needs. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was to work with a person who values collaboration. I would highly recommend Luke for other events.”

    John Han
    John HanCurator, TedxUCDavisSF
  • “We recently had Luke as the surprise of a dinner party we recently hosted and I would say he is one of the most FASCINATING dinner guests in the world. Luke creates such an experience of wonder for our guests and colleagues. Not only does he perform impossible mind reading and creates a sense of magic but he shows you about how we think and why we do what we do. If you ever wanted to added something extra, something unique and

    Haylee T.Lake Forest, CA

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Luke's performances blow your mind, every time! And in more ways than one, I feel like I learn something new each time I see Luke work his magic. It's a must see.

Craig Clemens – Co-founder, Golden Hippo Media

If you're thinking about hiring a mentalist for your event, don't look any further! Seriously! The show Luke put on was amazing! The metal bending, hypnosis, mind reading, it was all amazing! Our entire group raved about him all night. Luke is professional, funny, and very impressive! We all had a great time!

Heather G. - California


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