• “Your mentalist powers were MESMERIZING!”

    Dr. John F Demartini - Human Behavior Specialist
What if I could show you how to change your beliefs and shift your attention so you can see the illusions in your own limited thinking?

As the Attention Artist, I blend transformational mindset work and artistry to create experiences that will dissolve the limiting beliefs that are keeping you captive in your mind. I will show how they are merely illusions that can be twisted, bent and broken down.

You will leave transformed with the limiting beliefs you once held on to so tightly magically gone.  It is the start of our journey of awakening so you become more powerful in every aspect of your life.

Only contact me if you are prepared to be Awakened.


Having a cocktail party or an event that allows strolling through the crowd to create mind bending magical moments? If your guests would enjoy actively experiencing the mesmerizing effects of Luke Brady the Attention Artist, this style of performance is for you. Includes mind reading, metal bending, hypnotic phenomenon and sleight of hand performances that are inches away.


Bored with the usual dinner party? Have a setting where you would like to go deeper into mind-altering experiences with your guests? Luke Brady the Attention Artist performs jaw-dropping feats that will leave your guests shaking their heads wondering how did he do it? All done right in front of them with no room to hide, so your guests will know it’s real, but they will simultaneously be experiencing a new reality. Only book if you are prepared to have your guests leave with their “reality” permanently changed.


Have a venue that you need to fill but sick of the usual acts. Want to leave your guests speechless and in wonder and awe. Then Luke Brady the Attention Artist is right for you. His unique blend of magic, entertainment, mentalism and sleight of hand effects that cannot be believed will have your audience gasping in amazement. The show is custom designed for today’s sophisticated audience; blending mentalism, mind reading and hypnotic moments into a mind-bending, intriguing experience like none other.


All of our fears and problems are simply an illusion. Learn how to take a magician’s approach to finding out the secret that will help you reclaim your power.


Everything you have learned, you can unlearn. Imagine knowing how to create new associations and empowering habits.


Find out what your highest calling is and how that can drive your actions, habits and creativity

"Luke astounded us at our event. It was like he was reading our minds. You almost start to question what you believe in when you work with Luke. It's like he gives you the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory except his world is full of magical mind bending moments. He left us bedazzled, speechless and, if I am honest, with our jaws dropped."

Paulina Larocca - Creative Director at Paulina Larocca Creative Catalyst

"Luke has elevated magic to a new art form. Not only does his talk entertain, it mesmerizes us and weaves us into the act. So much so, as his act comes to an enchanting close, we feel our world change for the better too. Obstacles dissolve and what was once impossible, comes tantalizingly within our reach."

Igor Ledochowski - The Hypnosis Training Academy
As an Attention Artist, I am an expert in taking leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers with a growth mindset and helping them think differently!
Helping them get out of their head and more connected to their true, empowered, best self.

I believe all of our problems are merely illusions. It’s just that our minds are so good at creating the illusions; we fall for them every time.

By having a deep, transformative dialogue, we shift your attention, consciously and unconsciously so that the filter in which you see and experience the world changes. When you get out of your own way and out of your own head, you connect more to your true self… and your world will never be the same!

If you have a fixed mindset and believe that you were either born with it or not, you are a victim to your circumstances, or have a habit of creating excuses then my coaching is simply not for you. There are plenty of other coaches out there that can help you.

But if you have a growth mindset, are creative, driven and ready to step into your power. You put more attention on effort then the outcome. You believe genius is made, not born. You are truly committed to becoming your best self. You are more than ready to think big. Think differently. Let’s start a conversation and explore the possibility of working together.

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Luke Brady Testimonial 2017

Luke was amazing! We had a group of physicians who are all talking this morning about how great last night was! They can't figure how he does it, and that's making them crazy:)

Marian C. - Arizona

If you're thinking about hiring a mentalist for your event, don't look any further! Seriously! The show Luke put on was amazing! The metal bending, hypnosis, mind reading, it was all amazing! Our entire group raved about him all night. Luke is professional, funny, and very impressive! We all had a great time!

Heather G. - California

Luke Brady rocks!
He is so professional, ethical and extremely compassionate.
If there were 6 stars, I would give it to him- he knows what he is doing, and it works.
No matter your issue, he can help you with hypnosis.

Charlie - Marina del Rey, CA

Luke was amazing! His close up magic and card tricks were mind-blowing. Everyone was talking about it all evening. But that's not all: Luke put on a 30 minute interactive show merging mind-reading, sensory illusions and other impossibilities that had everyone's jaws dropping. A funny and entertaining storyteller, Luke will make your event memorable and keep people staying longer than expected. He was communicative, easy to work with and willing to tailor his performance to meet our wishes. He even showed up early! In short, he WAS the party. You can't go wrong hiring Luke for your next event. He'll leave you questioning the existence of magic, matter and the mysteries of the mind...

Carrie P. - Los Angeles, CA

To be completely honest, I came into my meeting with Luke with no expectations. I've experienced heavy trance hypnosis before for "fun" and was expecting a similar silly, goofy or at best uncomfortable meeting. I am excited to share that I had a truly life-shifting and life-changing experience through Luke's coaching techniques! I went in to talk about something very superficial (weight loss) - and was hoping for a "quick fix" to lose the extra weight I've gained since I got married, but I wasn't holding my breath.... Little did I know that we would delve into some of my deeper motivations and discover that I've been completely severed from my passions. Not only did Luke help me deeply reconnect to my greatest passions in life, but that connection has sparked notable change in my marriage, business and even...weight loss! Luke helped me tap into the joy and contentment I feel when I'm living my passions and that feeling has stayed with me ever since! I can't thank him enough and I've been telling everyone I know about how incredible he is! If you're stuck in any way, Luke can help you not only get un-stuck but help send you on a path toward your better, brighter and most fulfilled self.

Sachiko N. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Luke came for my sons 9th Birthday. It was amazing. We loved all the tricks he did. My guest were amazed and could not believe what Luke was doing. When I booked Luke I wanted someone that was going to leave all the adults speechless. We had games for the kids but adults are so hard to impress. My expectations were high. I wanted someone that was going to impress me. Luke was beyond any of my expectations. We definitely will be calling him back again for my sons 10th birthday and hope we have another event sooner because I want to see more magic tricks. He honestly deserves more than five stars I highly recommend him. Kids and adult will love it. I just sad I did not see more my guest kept pulling me away.

Veronica M. - Long Beach, CA

We recently booked Luke to come perform at one of our work functions and he was such a big hit that we brought him back the following week for another event.

Luke began entertaining our guests the moment he entered the door without any direction or introduction. His friendly demeanor and natural charm added a special element to our work event.
We look forward to working with Luke in the future and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to add an unique entertainer to their event!

Lori W. - Scottsdale, AZ

Luke Brady performed his show at our New Year's Eve dinner party. The show was a combination of close-up magic and mentalist feats, and all of them were original, entertaining, and frankly amazing. In addition, Luke is personable and professional, and a pleasure to have as a guest. At the end of the evening, everyone was still talking about Luke's show. We highly recommend him for your next event.

Kevin O. - Laguna Hills, CA

Luke was the highlight of my husbands 30th birthday! Everyone was gathered around him and talking about how great his tricks were. When I saw for myself I was in awe! Bending forks and quarters, amazing card tricks and even more. Possibly my favorite bit of the evening was his voodoo and hypnosis tricks. I have no idea how he does it, but it is incredible. The perfect addition to any party. He will definitely be our go-to guy for future parties and events... Highly recommend!

Christina S. - Newport Beach, CA

I have contracted Luke to perform strolling magic at several events that I have catered. He is brilliant. Later in the evening he can hypnotize willing participates on the spot!
In addition, he is dedicated and passionate hypnotherapist. If you know anyone struggling to quit smoking, lose weight, stop a habit such as biting their fingernails, or even a person that wants to be a better golfer... have them call Luke!

Dennis Fraizer - Phoenix, AZ

Luke was magnificent. He kept our guests not only entertained but amazed at the phenomenal things he did. He is talented, personable, and a truely delightful. If you are looking for some extraordinary, look no further.

Norma M. - Irvine, CA

I have contracted Luke to perform strolling magic at several events that I have catered. He is brilliant. Later in the evening he can hypnotize willing participates on the spot!
In addition, he is dedicated and passionate hypnotherapist. If you know anyone struggling to quit smoking, lose weight, stop a habit such as biting their fingernails, or even a person that wants to be a better golfer... have them call Luke!

Dennis Fraizer - Phoenix, AZ

Luke definitely wowed our crowd. He blended in as a guest, mingled and then wowed them with unbelievable talent. Would def. recommend either go see him or hire him. We would do it again,

Dante & Gayle - Laguna Hills, CA

I've hired Luke multiple times in the past and I always get my money's worth! His magic is outstanding and he is able to connect with the whole crowd easily and effortlessly! I would highly recommend using him for any events you're planning, You will be very satisfied.

Jonathan Smith - Laguna, CA


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